Dust Devil Spins Up at Blunt Park

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) –  Check out this video sent to us by Glen in Springfield.

It shows a dust devil that spun up Wednesday afternoon at Blunt Park in Springfield.

A dust devil is formed when a rising column of warm air rushes into a pocket of  cool air. The process causes the air to rotate due to the conserved angular momentum.

This rising and rotating column of air picks up dust and debris like a tornado, creating a dust devil.

Just like other types of weather phenomena, dust devils depend on three conditions 

The first is flat arid ground or asphalt. This type of ground allows for easy absorption of heat in order to create a constant source of rising warm air.

The next thing needed is a clear sky with few clouds. This allows for the maximum amount of solar energy needed to make warm air currents.

The final requirement is that there be little or no wind. This is because extreme differences between surface and air temperature are needed to make a dust devil.  

All this week conditions have been ideal for Dust Devil to form.


    Had to see this cuz I thought it said dust devil spins up a blunt. Lol. Disappointed