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3 Missing Women Found in Ohio, 3 Brothers Arrested

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CLEVELAND (AP) — A neighbor says a woman who’d been missing for a decade was nervous, crying and appeared dressed in pajamas and old sandals as she escaped a Cleveland home where she said she’d been held captive.

Anna Tejeda says she was sitting on her porch with friends Monday when they heard someone kicking a door across the street and yelling for help. Tejeda speaks Spanish, so a friend translated her comments to The Associated Press.

She said the pleading woman, Amanda Berry, eventually kicked out the door’s screen to escape and call police.

Two more women who separately went missing about a decade ago were found alive, and police arrested three brothers.

The police chief said he thinks the women were tied up at the house and held there for years.

  • Pam

    wasn’t a child found too? I think an amber alert should be used for any child missing.. does not matter if they are in imminent danger or not.. how do we know if they are in danger or not if they are missing?

  • bagpip

    Why did the press talk to these pond scum? These cowards sat, listened, and stood by while this woman kicked out a door, screen door, and came out and SOUGHT A NEIGHBORS OUT, HE EVENTUALLY MADE THE 911 CALL, then handed her the phone. The real help was an elderly neighbor.
    The people you are quoting and interviewing sat on their butts and watched all this, but admittedly NEVER called police, or tried to help at all. Just flies on the wall. They should be charged. That’s the only publicity they deserve.

  • Misses_ES

    Not much info on the child they found? :/ I hope it wasn’t a child born to her from being raped all these years. My prayers are with them all.

  • bagpip

    Misses and Glenda, If you read Jeffs article, it is NOT her child, and was abducted more recently in a different city or town.

  • Misses_ES

    They (wggb) just recently posted another article and it says the child is Amanda Berry’s. But no where in my comment did I say she couldn’t love her child so I’m not sure why your comment was directed toward me.