Mary Poehnelt Remains a Competitor in Hell’s Kitchen

marypoehneltBELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WGGB) – Belchertown’s Mary Poehnelt cooked her way through another episode of the hit FOX reality show Hell’s Kitchen tonight.

The chefs were faced with hosting a Quinceañera.

In the challenge the teams went up against each other in creating the menu which they had to cook in 45 minutes.

Mary cooked up a butterflied chicken with lemon cream sauce.

“A vote for Mary’s lemon chicken will tie the score but a point for Anthony’s grilled chicken will seal a win for the blue team,” says Chef Gordon Ramsey.

The girl the Quinceañera was for then says, “I’m gonna go with the red team.”

“Congratulations” says Chef Ramsay with Mary responding, “Thank You.” And her team saying “Way to go Mary.”

So thanks to Mary the red team ended up winning the challenge.

And while they did have trouble during service Mary wasn’t to blame and lives to cook another day in Hell’s Kitchen.

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