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44-Year-Old Man Killed During Shootout with Police on Albemarle Street

SPRINGFIELD (WGGB) — One man is dead after being shot by police Wednesday.

It all began as a domestic related incident Wednesday morning, just before 6:00, on Albemarle Street.

Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney says that 27-year-old Ethel McCreary had gone to the home of 44-year-old Louis Squires to confront him about reportedly seeing another woman.

Delaney adds that McCreary was upset and threw a cinder block into the window of his rental car, slashed his tires, and keyed the car.

Witnesses tell police that when Squires confronted McCreary, who police say was his estranged girlfriend, he allegedly went into that car and pulled out a shotgun.

Squires then allegedly turned and started opening fire on McCreary. She ran and sought cover behind a nearby car.

As the gunfire rang out, officers were alerted to the situation after “ShotSpotter” went off indicating gunfire near 93 Albemarle Street.

Officers responded and were met by gunfire from Squires, with some bullets hitting a cruiser. They quickly retreated back up the street and called for backup, while Louis allegedly continued to fire at them.

Backup units arrived and were finally able to find McCreary, who was not injured, and move her to safety.

Delaney says that Squires then moved toward the backyards of homes on Braddock Street and continued to open fire on the officers, who returned fire.

“The officers reacted professionally and strategically making sure that citizens were not caught in any crossfire,” Delaney adds.

Squires was hit by gunfire and police were able to move in and get Squires into custody. At the same time, first aid was rendered.

Squires was taken to Baystate Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

No officers were injured in the incident

The five officers involved in the shooting, whose names have not been released, are all on paid administrative leave for one week.

McCreary is set to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon in Springfield District Court on charges of malicious damage to a motor vehicle.

Albemarle Street remains closed while the investigation is ongoing.

Louis Squires

Louis Squires

Ethel McCreary

Ethel McCreary

  • paulb62

    Nice neighborhood. See here is a person who is controlling a weapon, but no one is controlling him. That is the issue. It is not gun control, it is controlling the person, people who have the gun.

  • weasel

    Good riddance to trash. More savings from another cancelled EBT card. Unreal that they want to put a casino in Springfield. Who in their right mind would ever want to drive to that destination through these neighborhoods?

  • bugzy12

    @ Weasel, little racist are ya? What makes you think they were on welfare not everyone who lives in this neighborhood sit on there ass and collect….

    • bagpip

      Bugz: Weasel is a nasty little man, who owns a family business and home, all inherited by him. He had everything handed to him on a silver platter, lives in a yuppie upperclass town, and has no sympathy for any living thing. Very angry.

  • jarbear

    Great job spd.

  • jarbear

    Great job spd. Good work.

  • medic3

    1) not everyone that had an EBT card is on welfare or a scum bag. Working class people get EBT assistance 2) you draw a weapon within 500 feet of a dwelling you’re breaking the law 3) you fire said weapon in the presence of law enforcement you just made the statement you have nothing to lose and are an EXTREME threat to society and SHOULD be taken out. 4) putting a casino in Springfield will pump millions into the city to FUND public safety….hello!! 5) If you have this much hatred for Spfld get out! 6) it’s been less than a year since this city was rocked by the execution of Kevin Ambrose. You know damn well some asshat is going to turn this into a matter of race…..which makes the situation worse…..and the people that are going to make this a matter of race, are the ones that break the law and use race to get off!

  • wildeauntie

    Can not wait much longer to sell my house and get out of Springfield, maybe the state. My beautiful neighborhood I have lived in for over 40 years is changing. Loud music by speeding cars down my residential street. They throw out beer bottles and trash in broad daylight. As they are probably not property owners who worked their whole life to have nice things…..they have no respect. God bless our grandchildren and their children that will have to endure this.

  • prlady39

    Anytime crime in springfield makes top news..racists idiots are quick to judge that its always low income welfare recipients..EFF UUUU!!! CRIME IS CRIME! IT DONT MATTER!!!!

  • residentofspfld

    If anyone looks at all the arrests in the past year…every one of them is on welfare or gets some type of assistance…….and not many of them are hardworking citizens…correct me if I’m wrong…so you wonder why there are stereotypes…they do it to themselves!!!!

    • residentofspfld

      I dont think its a lie…look up all the mug shots from the last month….youll see for yourself

  • bagpip

    Good job to the cops, this guy had apparently gone berserk. I would not want to be a cop in that city for any amount of money.

  • chance68

    THIS POS ex girlfriend should get 15 -20 for causing this death. She is the one to blame for inciting the whole mess. RIP Louis

    • wildeauntie

      Sure chance……she went to his car and got out the shotgun and started shooting up The neighborhood….NOT. Thank God no innocent children were killed. Yes, his ex was in the wrong, but he had choices and a gun.