Mass. Unemployment Rate Unchanged, but Jobs Lost


BOSTON (AP) — The Massachusetts unemployment rate held steady in April while preliminary estimates show the state losing 1,400 jobs during the month.

The state office of Labor and Workforce Development on Thursday reported an unemployment rate of 6.4 percent last month, the same as in March.

The preliminary estimate showing the loss of jobs in April came from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, which relies on a different survey than the one the state uses for determining the jobless rate.

The federal agency also revised its March jobs data, showing the state lost 3,800 jobs in that month instead of the original estimate of 5,500 job losses.

The state has gained 46,200 jobs since the beginning of the year.

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  • bagpip

    See what I meant last week about these bogus numbers? Last week everything was awsome, fewer people on unemployment, and the world is saved. Today a week later it all collapses. Why bother printing these stupid numbers that mean nothing?