Police Identify Girl that Drowned in Wilbraham Pool


WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WGGB) — Police have released the name of a young girl who died over the weekend in what appears to be an accidental drowning.

Around 5:25 p.m. Saturday, a female guest at 14 Shirley Street called 911 to report that her daughter, 7-year-old Estefani Alfaro of Springfield, was in a pool and she was not able to reach her.

Wilbraham Police and Fire immediately responded, and when Officer Justin Wall got to the scene, Zullo says Wall dove into the pool and grabbed Alfaro from the water.

CPR was performed and Alfaro was transported to Baystate Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

The incident remains under investigation by Wilbraham Police, with assistance from the Mass. State Police.

  • weasel

    Not able to reach her?????????? Didn’t cross you mind to jump into the water. Ignorance is bliss.

    • bagpip

      Did it cross that tiny boundary between your ears, that maybe she was unable to swim? Oh and when calling others ignorant, it is best to say “your” mind.

  • my3boys

    I was thinking the same thing but if i couldn’t swim i def would’ve been trying to learn or grabbed a float, something i wouldn’t just let my kid dye w out at least trying I’d rather drown too save her

    • bagpip

      Well she may have tried all those things and more. I’m quite sure she didn’t just stand there. As far as learning to swim, she was only a guest there, not a resident. But I agree that I would drown trying to save my kid too, but she lost a child and I tend to believe she did all in her power to help her.

  • Elvis Bieber

    Too many questions here. I understand they had permission to be there, but why, if the homeowner was not home? Why would the mother let the girl go in the pool unsupervised? Why did neither know how to swim? Every city and town I know of offers lessons at a nominal fee.


    • bagpip

      So what business is that of yours Bieber? She had permission to be there, is all you need to know. There are no unanswered questions, except in your prying mind. She fell into the pool, she was not swimming unsupervised.

  • paulb62

    What about the people she was visiting. Their pool they must know how to swim.

  • bagpip

    You people are BRUTAL! Leave the unanswered questions to the police, who I am sure managed to answer all these questions before it was brought up here.
    Why do you people always have to blame someone? No matter if it’s a car accident or something else, you all spout off on ways to lay blame. Don’t you think she paid enough without all these guessing games on if it’s her fault? One dummy wants her strung up because she can’t swim. Guess what? That’s no crime, maybe she is disabled and unable to swim. Leave the guessing game to the police.