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Extra Patrols Ordered in Forest Park Neighborhood After Two Deadly Shootings in Two Days

(Angel Llorens)

(Angel Llorens)

Two deadly shootings in two days leaves Forest Park residents nervous.

Jackie Rosado arrived at the Belmont Avenue shooting scene just in time to see her little brother, 22 year old Angel Llorens, get rushed into an ambulance Wednesday.

“He didn’t do drugs, he didn’t drink, you know he didn’t go out and look for trouble, he was just a wholesome person,” Rosado said.

Police say at least two suspects showed up at Angell’s house around 1030, when an argument ensued. From outside, the suspects allegedly got Llorens to come out of his apartment, down these stairs, and that’s when they pulled the gun. Neighbors rushed to help, including Bobbie Pendleton, who comforted Llorens in his final breaths.

“It just doesn’t make sense. Not Angel. He was just a all around great kid,” Pendleton said. “He worked at a liquor store and drank coffee all the time.”

A stream of customers stopped in Thursday at City Line Liquors to offer their condolences to Lloren’s co workers, who told ABC40 that he was their hardest worker.

“He was always looking for approval. you know, showing everybody that he was a good man and that he worked hard and he picked up hours and did everything he could to be a better person,” Rosado said. “He was just a wonderful boy.”

Police aren’t saying what sparked the argument, but don’t believe that it was not drugs or gang related.

“It’s not one of those murders in Springfield where it’s like ‘ohh you know he may have sold drugs or he may have done this.’ No, it was just completely senseless,” Rosado said. “I just want people to know he was a good person.”

Rosado believes her little brother was killed over cars. Some residents reported seeing a dark colored sedan with possibly up to three men fleeing the scene.
Detectives also stress that these shootings were not random and they were not connected, so there is no reason for a heightened public fear of violence this weekend. Commissioner William Fitchet has also ordered extra police patrols “around the clock in this neighborhood,” according to Delaney.

Llorens’ death marks the city’s second homicide in two days. On Tuesday night, another man was shot and killed on Orange Street.

If you have any information on either of the murders, you are asked to contact the Springfield Police Detective Bureau at (413) 787-6355 or ‘Text-a-Tip.’

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  • my3boys

    Again??? When’s it gonna end cmon people stop the hate so sad Howe bad its getting and its gonna get worst lets build a casino not to bright

  • FuKdRepUBLicAnZ

    Ma boy

  • FuKdRepUBLicAnZ

    It never gna stop.

  • Jloenlacasa

    he was just a nice kid who worked at a liquire store that had a baby that was killed tonight by soe heartless thugs who thought they had Gods power to take a life soo sad

  • Jloenlacasa

    yup rum them out of downtown where its well lit and supervised and into the nice neighborhoods yea thats bright. ppl dont realize the addictions that come with gambeling the welfare money that will b spent the cost of evictions bc ppl will not pay rent when they have blown it all at the casino the robberies bc ppl want money to cover there gambeling and the prositution small businesses out of commission its sooo much more that ppl cant begin to imagine that is y mohegan and foxwoods r in desolate areas

  • FuKdRepUBLicAnZ

    R.i.p hoMiE

  • jrosado

    Angel llorens got shot last night and did not survive…love him with all my heart my baby brother. ..he worked at city line liquors and was an amazing tattoo artist…harmless drug free gang free boy at the age of 22 all because of a car decal…team built was what the decal said on his car and another group who are highly suspect of the crime had their own decals on their car called backyard built…these stickers meant that a group of people built these cars in a sense…I lost my baby brother through stupidity. ..I love you angel llorens I wish we couls share one more moment together…wish you could take one more breath kiss your girlfriend good bye and tell your son you love him

  • weasel

    Great place to build a casino. There should be a couple of these every day as people try to make their way to Main Street in Springfield.

  • Bynner

    I knew this young man from going into City Line to play my lottery…he was a very nice guy and always made me laugh. I am heartbroken for his family, friends and co-workers. My husband always tells me that you can’t say ANYTHING to ANYONE…because you never know what they may do….and from reading this story this seems to be what happened.

  • anonymous777

    May he R.I.P. ….and may they catch the cowards seriously to shoot somebody over an argument thats no reason to take a life..condolences to his family.

  • my3boys

    @jackie the sister of the victim i don’t know you but I’m so sorry you Lost your brother i hope they catch the ones who killed him and you can be at peace with that part as far add having you’re brother here he well always be with you try to remember the good times to get through the hardest time your going through may good be with you and your nephew good bless rip

  • chana1996

    The world needs God in their lives. Cannot continue to live life like there is no one watching over us. This family lost only God to heal their wounds prayers to this family.

  • iComment

    I will never understand why news stations have the audacity to publish a mugshot when someone just passed away. I find it very disrespectful as this is someone’s son, brother, father. Especially in this case, he was murdered. Whomever was responsible in covering this story should be ashamed of themselves as a human being. Imagine if this was your brother, or father whom was murdered. Would you like for them to be remembered with a mugshot? Have some damn respect.

    Rest in peace young man. It is obvious he made mistakes in his life, like we all do but some of us don’t get caught. He was trying to make a living, and lost his life to the ignorance and stupidity of others.

  • jrosado

    Thx everyone angel is my brother n baby there was no mom no dad…he’s grandparents raised him in he was with me as a teen…its like l9sing a son you know my dear dear sweet boy