Tickets Prices to Disneyland, Disney World Going Up

(CNN) — A trip to the “Happiest Place on Earth” is getting more expensive.

Thinking of visiting Mickey and Minnie Mouse this summer? It’ll cost you a little more than before.

Over the weekend, Disney raised prices at its Florida and California theme parks.

At Disney World in Florida. adults will now pay $95 for a one day visit.

That’s up almost seven percent, from $89 last year, and kids aren’t exempt from the price hike.

A one-day visit will cost $89 a child.

Do the math, and it gets pretty costly, running a family of two parents and two kids almost $400, and that’s just entrance into the park.

At Disneyland in California, single day adult tickets will now cost $92 and $86 for children.

Disney’s hike follows a similar move by Universal Orlando, which became the first theme park to pass the $90 single-day benchmark last week.

The increase can be seen as a way to get visitors to buy multi-day tickets, which can work out to be much more cost efficient, the more days you spend at the park.

One adult 7-day pass at Disney World in Orlando costs $309 total, but when you break it down into single-day increments, only runs $44, less than half the cost if you’re just staying for one day.

But those extra Disney days come with a caveat.

In most cases, the longer a visitor stays at the park, the more they’re going to spend on food, souvenirs, and other items that will leave their wallets with a little less magic.