US Rep. Capuano Bill Would Limit Car “Black Boxes”


BOSTON (AP) — U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano is co-sponsoring a bill he says will give car owners more control over so-called “black box” recorders.

The legislation would require manufacturers to let consumers known if a recorder is installed in their car and what kind of information the recorder is collecting.

The bill also requires car makers to provide information about how the data may be used.

The bill would also put ownership of the data in the hands of the car owner and require permission before the information can be accessed. Under the bill, consumers would have the option of controlling the recording function in future automobiles or motorcycles.

Capuano called the bill “a basic issue of privacy” and said car owners “should have control over the information collected by event data recorders in their own vehicles.”

  • weasel

    Unless I know and approve of anyone monitoring anything I do stay out of my life. If you think you have a right to monitor my private life I will show you what rights I have to stop you.