Hampton Ponds Swimmers Express Water Safety Concerns

heat pondWESTFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) –On a sweltering summer day at Westfield’s Hampton Ponds, where folks are sprinkled on the sand…trying catch a breeze off of the water in 90 degree weather.

Although the pond isn’t packed, 3 lifeguards are on duty a number some still aren’t comfortable with. “On a hot day like this, I believe they should have at least 1 more,” said Erica Weeks “Definitely, especially with all these little kids over here,” Melissa Cavanaugh agreed.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation says they spend over $3 million a year on lifeguards, and don’t really have the ability to increase that number.

Recent drowning in Holyoke & West Springfield have some parents nervous about even taking their kids swimming. “Definitely. My eyes are on my daughter 24/7. I’m always close to her. It just scares me if she were to drown. There’s no lifeguard in the backyard in someone’s pool, so it’s more the parent’s responsibility to keep the kids safe,” Melissa

The DCR also adds that they mark beaches as best as they can, and encourage safety.

During the weekend when Hampton Ponds is busiest, there are 7 lifeguards on duty at a time.

  • Gigi04

    Thats not possible in ALLOOOOTTTT OF LAKES OR ponds. There are ALLLOTTTT of the places that dont allow you to bring life vest or arm floaties… And if they allow them they gotta be coast gaurd approved and there SUPER EXPENSIVE….

  • Gigi04

    And just to make it clear i agree 100% its our job as parents to watch our children i just dont like that we cant use protective equipment for our children…