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Gov. Patrick says Transportation Compromise Lacking

deval-patrick1By BOB SALSBERG
Associated Press

BOSTON (AP) — Gov. Deval Patrick has told lawmakers that he cannot accept a compromise transportation funding bill in its current form.

The governor said in a statement Wednesday that the bill fails to address a revenue source that will not be available in the future. While the statement did not specify the source, it was an apparent reference to tolls on the western portion of the Massachusetts turnpike that are scheduled to come down in 2017.

The bill was passed on a 105-47 vote by the House and a 34-6 vote by the Senate.

It calls for about $500 million in new taxes to help pay for upgrades to the state’s aging infrastructure and eliminate the MBTA’s projected deficit in the fiscal year starting on Monday.

Patrick says he will return the bill to lawmakers with a proposed amendment.

  • chance68

    He doesn’t care about the lowly working man one bit. He taxes everything they have and everything they do. And the reason he could care less is that he lives off the very people he is taxing to death.You stupid dem voters must really like to get the shaft. And then give it to the rest of us while your at it. This state sucks!