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Change in plans to wire New England with Canadian Power

Power-lines3CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Officials with the Northern Pass project plan to soon file an amended route with the federal government to begin the review process needed to build a 187-mile power transmission line moving energy from Canada into New England.

The privately financed project announced a new route last week to bring high-voltage, Canadian hydroelectric power into New England. Project officials say it takes into account concerns raised over an earlier plan, which critics feared would damage the environment, lower property values and make the state less attractive to tourists.

The new plan is east of the original and calls for burying about 8 miles of lines along state and town roads in Stewartstown and Clarksville and under the Connecticut River.

Critics say Northern Pass needs to do more, including burying more lines.



  • alpinequeen

    So we’ll all be putting malt vinegar on our fries, drinking Blue and speaking with Canadian accents, eh.