Bride-to-Be Becomes Hero During Engagement Photo Shoot

(CNN) — An engagement photo shoot in Pennsylvania comes to an abrupt end, when the bride-to-be suddenly becomes a hero.

Becki Salmon and her fiancé Matt Werner were posing for these sunny engagement photos, just moments before a near catastrophe.

All of a sudden, this little boy playing in the background wanders too far into a creek that was deeper than usual because of recent rain.

The bride-to-be springs into action, diving in to save the boy, and the photographer kept snapping – capturing it all.

“It was almost over my head where we were. I had to swim to him. I grabbed him, I pulled him up into me, pushed him over my shoulder and just immediately started smacking until he started throwing up water,” Salmon recalls.

Salmon is a trained lifeguard and paramedic and thanks to that, she says she never thought twice.