Maine Lobster Prices Up, Steamers Scarce


HOLYOKE, Mass. (WGGB) — If you’re looking to buy lobsters this Fourth of July weekend you might notice prices are higher than usual.

That’s because distributors in Maine are having a tough time keeping up with all the demand.

Since the summer got off to a late start the water didn’t warm up as soon as usual and firm shell lobsters are scarce as a result.

It’s tough for places like Schermerhorn’s Seafood in Holyoke. Owner Michael Fitzgerald says he’s had to raise his prices about two dollars a pound because of the lack of supply.

He’s also had a problem getting steamers, another result of the weather.

“Steamers are very scarce this year. With all the rain, they’ve closed down a lot of beds up in Maine and they’re just not open. So the demand is very high this Fourth of July week but we are having a tough time finding them,” explains Fitzgerald.

He says there are lobsters in other states, but he believes the Maine lobster is the best quality.

  • alpinequeen

    We get it from both ends. They raise prices if there’s a shortage and they raise prices if they can’t keep up with demand. It’s the same thing with other items.