Rescue Crews to Resume Search for 5-Year-Old in Conn. River

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SOUTH HADLEY, Mass (WGGB) – Crews will be back out on the Conn. River Sunday as they continue to look for a young girl.

Both the Holyoke Fire Department and State Police are assisting South Hadley Fire in the search for a 5-year-old girl

Around 9:30 Saturday night, State Police in Northampton received a call from South Hadley Police requesting help in locating the young girl.

She is believed to have fallen into the Connecticut River from a home on Cove Island Road in South Hadley.

Rescuers were on the water for several hours Saturday night searching before ending for the day. The search will resume this morning.

The girl’s name has not yet been released.

  • liftingonhigh1

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    just so you know, the family isn’t from the area. It was a terrible ACCIDENT.

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  • liftingonhigh1

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