Fracking Fight Comes to Western Mass

fracking rally

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WGGB)– College students biked 400 miles to protest potential fracking in the Pioneer Valley.

Four teams of Climate Summer riders started riding their bikes from northern New Hampshire to Lowell and then they went their separate ways to different parts of the state with one of those teams riding to Western Massachusetts.

They say by the end of the summer when they meet up at the Cape they will ride over 1200 miles.

Rider Matt Menezes said, “It’s been a real challenge. We sleep on church basements. We have a six dollar a day food budget, we bike everywhere we go.”

He says it’s important for people to know about the danger of fracking if it comes to Western Mass and they support Representative Peter Kocut (D-Northampton) and his fight against fracking.

  • alpinequeen

    Massachusetts has underground injection control regulations, but the regulations don’t mention fracking. Texaco did exploratory work in the 1970s and then again in the 1980s to examine the hydrothermal history of the Connecticut Valley, but no further exploration took place. The area explored goes from the Vermont and New Hampshire border, south through Springfield and Hartford and down to Long island Sound.

    • scdodge

      I wish everyone would get the facts straight. Fracking IS banned in Massachusetts already. The ban on Class II injection wells covers hydraulic fracturing. Check with DEP is you don’t believe me. So what’s the point of the bill? Furthermore, even the state’s geologist says it will never happen in MA. There are NO worthwhile reserves and despite what was reported, NO ONE is exploring for natural gas reserves in MA and no one ever will. Let’s just get our facts straight before we jump to conclusions.

  • consersvajim

    Gasland has been proven to be propaganda. Water wells are hundreds or more of feet above the fracking sights.

    Do liberals heat there houses with poop?

    This is a very safe method of energy extraction…we need energy, don’t we?
    This is safe…can’t you ever let well enough alone? Get in your Prius and drive to Starbucks.