Springfield Mayor Takes Stand On Violence

PKG_ MAYOR SHOOTINGSSPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB)–Lori Broulette works at the car wash right where Springfield’s latest shooting happened on Main Street early Sunday morning. “It makes me feel unsafe because I have 4 younger siblings,” Broulette admitted.

In fact, Sunday’s incident, paired with Friday morning’s shooting in the entertainment district, and one Wednesday night on Union St. that wounded two men, prompted Mayor Dominic Sarno to express how fed up he was with the violence. “I’m just getting sick and tired. I’d like to see the CAT unit, Community Action Team, and again, Sen. Welch has allocated $100,000 specifically for the city of Springfield, and I want that CAT unit here a.s.a.p.” Mayor Sarno said.

The unit would work alongside Springfield police patrolling areas like Mason Square, Forest Park, and downtown, but that’s not the only action Mayor Sarno plans on taking. “I’ve instructed the license commission to pull the police report, and I will continue my attack on places that seem to want to attract a negative element. One in particular is Glo,” he added.

Paul Ramesh owns both Glo & Shadow downtown, and says this surveillance video was taken right before Friday’s shooting occurred, The three men on the left confronting the victim, who left shadow, in the on the right wearing white.

The video shows the shooters actually came from neighboring odyssey nightclub. Ramesh adds that Glo wasn’t even open.

Property owner Victor Bruno says he feels it’s unfair for the mayor to specifically target Glo, just because the shooting happened near it. “I think it’s a citywide problem, for example, there was a shooting at a gas station on Main St. last night so, we’re not going to shut down the gas station on Main St., are we?” asked Bruno.

However, the Licensing Commission has to go through a series of steps before anything can even happen “There needs to be a public hearing that hearing has to be posted, and we have to give the license an opportunity to come in and defend those allegations,” said member Orlando Ramos.

Ramesh adds that Glo hasn’t had a violation in 6 years.

Police say none of the shootings are related.

  • Kelly71

    What a joke….adding more cops to try flushing a clogged toilet. This city needs major change and it needs it now. It needs people who respect each other and respect where they live. Unfortunately it is only going to get worse because people like that aren’t moving here they’re moving away. Casino is only going to make the good people move out faster.

  • Yeah-I-said-it…..

    100:1 odds says Sarno skips town after his term is up and well before the casino doors open. Springfield needs new faces in city council who will not only stand up to the mayor, but also stand up for the citizens. Stop cutting police and fire budgets, and invest more resources to public safety and development. That’s the only way Springfield will get any better. It starts at the top. State seems to always have to bail out Springfield every couple years, why is that?

  • jiggady

    I have lived in Springfield over 50 years and NEVER thought I would ever see this “MESS”. If this government would stop allowing these uneducated, disrespectful people to live off the backs of working class, decent folks, we would NOT have all of these PROBLEMS!Now it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this issue out. UM By the way, where are all of these people (LOW LIFE’S)coming from? Why Springfield??