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Parents Say JC Penney Ad Promotes Bullying

jc penney(WGGB) — JC Penney is coming under fire for what some parents believe to be an ad that promotes bullying.

In a recent ad for the retailer, a woman’s voice-over says that what clothes parents buy their children can make or break their school year. The ad then depicts a student sitting alone in a cafeteria.

Though it is only a few seconds of the 30-second spot, hundreds of parent have taken to JC Penney’s Facebook page, saying that it sends a message that bullying and judgement is okay.

Many parents were angry that the commercial promoted the idea that children should be judged, and perhaps ostracized, based on what they wear.

JC Penney has not made a comment on the backlash.

Here’s a YouTube link to the commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niQSECd1Oag

  • alpinequeen

    This does not bode well.