Convenience Store Clerk Pulls Gun on Would-be Robber

Police- Armed RobberySUNDERLAND, Mass (WGGB) — Sunderland police say a man tried to hold up a liquor store this afternoon, but ended up leaving empty-handed when the clerk pulled out a gun.

The suspect walked into the Spirit Shoppe in Sunderland around 2 pm.

He showed the clerk a large knife and demanded ‘all the money’.

When the clerk drew a gun… the suspect ran off.

Police tried to track him with a dog, but lost the trail.

No one was injured and no money was stolen.

  • prlady39

    Thumbs up for the clerk that didnt get victimized by some punk/thug lowlife/bum /addict!!that scumbag had a big surprise coming at himhope he gets caught soon!!

  • medic3

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Some idjit brought a knife to a gun fight.

  • Nyrebel9

    Kudos to the clerk who defended himself!
    I hope the robber was wearing a depends!!! Bahaha!

  • doggone

    Way to stand your ground!!!!!

  • Johnny Nascar

    I think more store clerks should be armed to prevent scumbags from robbing hard working people, or worse hurting, or killing them. They should be able to defend themselves!!!