Springfield Police Explain 911 Response Time Process, Following Complaint

Springfield Police DepartmentSPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — A city family is upset with the Police Department’s response time for a reported break-in.  However, police are defending their arrival time and explain the process of dispatching their officers.

Aurelio Lopez says his 16-year-old daughter woke up to discover the Littleton Street home was robbed.

“She called me crying and that’s when I told her grab a knife and you know get herself near a wall stay there until the police show up,” said Lopez.  He also rushed to the house. “I am sitting there wondering where the police are.”

Police say they arrived within fifteen minutes and that even a few minutes can feel like a long time in an emotional situation. They say response time complaints are not unusual.

“The biggest problem we have is the fact that people expect us to be there the minute they are on that telephone, but again people are not looking at trying to get that call from where we are,” said Springfield Police Officer Charles Youmans.

Officer Youmans says all calls including break-ins reports are important, but prioritized.

“It’s still up there because we don’t know whether or not it’s an actual break-in, we don’t know if it’s a home invasion, we don’t don’t what level it is, so you are always gonna get officers responding there as fast as they can,” said Youmans.

The closest officer is usually sent and another unit will respond if that officer is tied up.

Meantime, Lopez also wants to know why an officer on a detail down the street couldn’t respond to their break-in report.

“The officers who are doing street details are employed by whatever company that is hiring them, so their obligation is to provide care, custody and safety to whoever is working out there in the middle of the street,” said Youmans who adds there are exceptions “When you are talking about bank robberies, shootings, your talking about stolen cars that might be heading the same direction, you know you have officers that are gonna do the best they can.”

The Lopez family lost a laptop, Xbox and some silver coins. There have been no arrests.

  • prlady39

    i get where theyre coming from any situation with your kids alone at home would be terrifying for both parents and children!however i understood she woke up to the home robbed as in the suspect or suspects came in stole and left! or did she wake up and they were there visible to her! just saying unless its a shooting dont expect the cops to drop in five minutes!glad she was okay!

  • medic3

    So first channel 40 goes after EMS and their response times. After the complaint was proved invalid, they’ve decided to pick on PD. wait a few weeks, look out fire dept. you’re next! These people that complain have a right to be upset when something is happening but get real…. BUDGET CUTS PEOPLE, BUDGET CUTS. You don’t have enough police, fire or EMS to cover your city’s call volume. HISTORICALLY…….EVERYTIME THE BUDGET GETS SLASHED PUBLIC SAFETY GETS THE FIRST AND THE DEEPEST CUTS. Because your politicians don’t give two poops about your public safety. Never have, never will. Do some damn research people. You’ve been letting it happen for DECADES!!!!!

  • alpinequeen

    Pick on Yellow Cab next. A few years ago I called Yellow Cab a day ahead to have a cab pick me up for a certain time for an important appointment I could not drive to and I stressed to the dispatcher how important this was. The cab was fifteen minutes late and I had to call them again. Fortunately, I had left enough leeway in case this happened, and it did.

  • Na2013

    wow when is not onething in springfield is another when is not criminalns ating a fool is the police not doing their job i don’t understand why they making a bid deal no was hurt thank god and it was a laptop and exox stolen that all replacable for real