*NSYNC Reunion — We're NOT Going on Tour!!

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Chris Kirkpatrick is tearin’ up the hearts of girls in their 20′s (and 30s (and 40s (and 50s))) across the country — after announcing on the radio this morning that last night’s *NSYNC reunion won’t happen EVER AGAIN!!

Chris went on the Miami radio show “Johnny’s House” early Monday morning to discuss last night’s not-really-a-surprise SURPRISE performance … and dropped all the details about how the whole thing came together.

Chris says he got a call from Justin Timberlake a few weeks ago out of the blue … who asked if he was available to perform at the VMAs. Chris’ response — a resounding HELL YES (duh).

The guys headed down to Miami to rehearse and that’s where Chris says Justin dropped two bombshells: He didn’t tell MTV about his top secret plans and yes, dancing would be involved.

The interviewer then asked about rumors of a possible reunion tour — but sadly CK shot them down saying the reunion was a one time thing to support JT.

Sorry Chris. And Joey. And Lance. And you too J.C.

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