MDA Thanks Sponsors Ahead of This Weekend’s Telethon

MDASPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Tonight the Muscular Dystrophy Association held a party to thank sponsors, supporters and families in western Mass. ahead of this weekend’s “Show of Strength.”

ABC40′s own Ray Hershel and Shannon Hegy joined the many people who have supported MDA over the years either as volunteers at the telethon or as donors.

Families who have been touched by muscular dystrophy say the telethon has meant a lot to them over the years.

“I think the biggest thing for my family has been hope. Because when we first came into this, they were just finding out, in my case, what caused muscular dystrophy, they’ve come such a long way in 25, 26 years now they are talking about possible treatments and cures. Things look really promising,” says Mike Degnan who’s from East Longmeadow.

Be sure to tune into ABC40 for the “MDA Show of Strength” this Sunday starting at 9:00 p.m.

  • bijou218

    Joel Wallach is a scamming fraud. To put the word doctor before or after his name is an insult. All he has done is conned a lot of people into believing he can cure them. Just sayin’