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Volunteers Clean Up Springfield’s Riverfront

riverfront clean up20130831_112338SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (wggb) – Saturday morning volunteers from the Resurrection Center invited area residents gathered to clean up Springfield’s waterfront. It’s all part of an effort to to improve the health and beauty of the city of Springfield. The Resurrection Center had great success with their clean up last year and wanted to do more this year to make the event an even impact.

Volunteers removed bottles, cans, trash, and any physical pollution that could be safely removed.



  • alpinequeen

    I hope they also removed the riff raff that prey upon innocent citizens down there.

  • crime

    Yea…must have been a mess after the big welfare crowd was down there for yet more free hand outs…

  • jarbear

    That welfare crowd you mentioned should be out everyday in Springfield cleaning the city no community service no check or ebt.

    • alpinequeen

      That is probably the best idea ever. We should keep bringing this up every chance we get and maybe WBBG will catch on. Let’s put these people to work doing “community service.” Springfield needs a lot of cleaning and I’m sure there are plenty of other “volunteer” work they could do. Make them earn their freebies and maybe they will appreciate the money they get.