Anthony Weiner Gets into Heated Exchange with Voter


(CNN) — New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner got into a heated exchange with a Jewish voter who called him names at a local bakery Wednesday, and it was all caught on tape.

Weiner was exiting the bakery when the voter called him “disgusting” and “immoral,” criticizing his past behavior and sexting scandals.

Weiner was not about to back down.

The confrontation took place on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year.

Afterward, when asked whether he would forgive the man, Weiner – who is Jewish – said he did not hold it against him.

Weiner later defended himself on Twitter saying he stood up to a heckler and “that’s what mayors have to do sometimes.”

  • jp2013

    Damn, Weiner is such a dick!