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Parking Wars Over AIC Neighboring Streets

AIC PARKINGSPRINGFIELD, Mass (WGGB) — The new school year brings parking wars to Springfield’s Mason Square neighborhood. Friday, when class let out, ABC40 cameras were rolling as AIC students returned to their cars on Dunmoreland Street. There’s technically nothing illegal about it, but resident Dale Edge says is it’s a big problem.

“We don’t ask for much. Just, you got all them parking spaces over there. Make them park over there,” he said about the AIC students parking on his street. “Let the people who live here, who work second shift, who work third shift, who have a day off and have their friends coming over be able to park.”

AIC says students are encouraged to get proper permits for the school’s ample on-campus parking. It costs $125 for residents, and $50 for commuters. For whatever reason, many aren’t doing that. Springfield City Council Vice President Bud Williams says he’s aware of the problem.

“It’s a situation and I’m glad we need to address it once and once and for all because it happens every year. It’s a quality of life issue,” Williams said.

Edge says the biggest concern is that during congested periods on Dunmoreland Street, especially in the winter, public safety could be at risk.

“(We) had an ambulance trying to get down, had people coming up the street to leave,” Edge said. “Ambulance couldn’t turn down the street because people couldn’t come up because both sides of the road was cars.”

There is a faded out, unreadable sign that neighbors say once indicated a two hour parking limit during the day. Williams says whether it’s new signs or new parking bans, everyone needs to get on the same page.

“Let’s sit down and come up with a concrete plan that helps the citizens. We all have to coexist,” he said. “We know the college wants to be here but they have to be in a very respectful manner.”

AIC released a statement Friday, saying “We love our neighborhood and want our neighbors to feel the same way about AIC, as always we are happy to meet and discuss these issues with anyone concerned.”

  • mommastaf

    My daughter goes to AIC and has purchased a pass every year.. However, she is often forced to park on the street because her lot is already full when she gets there. She gets aggravated as well, since she did follow the rules and has paid for parking that she cannot use half the time. Last week she got a ticket. AIC needs to have an overflow plan as well for students which may help decrease students parking on the street!

  • medic3

    Hhmmmm, would these be the same people complaining about the parking that were complaining about ambulance response times Mr. Williams? Well when streets are blocked and nothing is done I bet it takes ambulances longer to get there. Whether the cars are parked or moving no one gets out of the way for emergency vehicles. How is a fire truck getting through Mason Sq and AIC neighborhoods if an ambulance can’t? See the connection? Probably not