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Bill Would Raise Mass. Speed Limit to 70

(WGGB) — A bill working its way through the legislature would increase the speed limit on certain stretches of state highway to 70 miles an hour.

Currently the fastest you can go on a Massachusetts highway is 65 miles an hour – at least legally.

But now, word from Boston that may be changing.

The bill, H3175, would turn that 65 to 70.

“I don’t think it’s a bad idea,” said Springfield motorist, Timothy Paul. “Generally when people are traveling, if 65 is the speed limit for most of the highway and people generally travel between 65 and 70 mph anyway. I don’t see it being a bad idea.”

Jasmine Byrne of Sturbridge agreed. “I don’t think a 5 mph difference is going to make any difference, People are speeding faster than that.”

And she may be right.

So we decided to conduct a little experiment, unscientifically. We drove the pike in an ABC40 news vehicle going exactly the speed limit… 65 miles an hour.

It didn’t take long going the current speed limit.

We were passed time and time again, car after car and truck after truck.

It would seem to indicate that everyone’s speeding – going 70 or above already.

Or maybe not.

“It’s nuts, because it’s too fast,” said Al Dasso. “Yeah, I think it’s too fast. There’s a lot of people, I don’t think 70 mph is reasonable.”

Perhaps not, but it certainly is common – if not legal.

And even Al admitted his adherence to the current speed limit may have ulterior motives.

“I take my wife and my wife is very cautious about that. She doesn’t want any tickets.”

As mentioned, the higher speed limit would be put in place on the Mass Pike, and also along stretches of I-91 and I-95.

  • alpinequeen

    I-95 north of Bangor is 75 MPH and I don’t go over 75. Who-whee!

  • medic3

    Make it a ballot question. If 60 are for and 40 are against it’s too close and don’t do it. If its 90 for and 10 against then ok.
    Back in the 70′s they lowered it to 55. We consumed less gas and we diverted from a shortage crisis. But hey, it’s stable in the Middle East, our money grubbing Oil refinery owners here in the US never shut down the refineries for maintenance so why on God’s Green Earth should we worry about blowing through more gas. Go ahead and kill yourselves at high speed. Just make sure you’re dead and not a vegetable in a facility on the tax payer’s dime. Morons

  • crime

    Just have to watch out for parts falling off all those low riding hondas….bad enough the people that try to drive them should not even be driving…thank god they put those tow hooks on them..lol

  • High Taxes

    A chart in the Globe showed “Mass is one of only 13 states with a maximum speed limit at or below 65 miles per hour.” It looked like Mass, CT, RI, VT, NY, NJ, PA, Delaware, Maryland, Alaska, Wisconsin and Oregon – the map was a bit hard to read, so I’m not sure what the 13th state was. Raising the limit means less revenue for the state. Those driving at 75 now will probably drive the same speed. Now to get the left lane hogs out of the fast lane.