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DA Drops Charges Against Man Accused of Tying Girl to a Tree

Lance Gouvan and BonnyNORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WGGB) — Lance Gouvan, one of the two people accused last year of tying a rope around a girl’s neck and tying her to a tree, will not be facing any charges.

According to the Northampton District Court Clerk’s Office, the District Attorney has decided not to prosecute him on the remaining charges.

Gouvan also reached out to us this afternoon saying the Northampton Court just called him today to let him know they are dropping the charges against him.

He and a woman by the name of Megan Bonny were arrested and charged following an incident that occurred on July 19 of 2012.  Police say on that date they approached a girl with a jump-rope, who was part of the Cutchins Program, in a field off Pomeroy Road.

That’s when they allege Bonny and Gouvan tied the girl up to a tree with the jump-rope and left her supporting herself on the tips of her toes. The girl was found and she gave a description of the suspects to police.  A short time later the pair were arrested.

However, on September 12, 2012 prosecutors announced they were dismissing two of the five charges against Gouvan and Bonny including kidnapping and attempted murder.

That left the pair facing only three charges including assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon (rope), and two counts of assault and battery.

Now, Gouvan will not be facing those remaining charges.  He also says that Bonny also had all of her charges dropped as well.



  • littlejenn

    If you do your hw you would know the girl was a run away and she also miss identified the two people. People are wrongfully accused by the law all the time! (Much more is on this story then is being let out. Needless to say None of you work in the law field.

    • High Taxes

      An insightful comment. Obviously, the case could not be proven, hence charges dropped.

  • jp2013

    So much for presumed innocence. Everyone is judge, jury, and executioner without so much as any evidence or facts in the case. So quick to judge smh