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Wanted: Francheska Delacruz

CRIME FILES francheska_delacruz 9-10SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Early last month, police say there was a party going on at 16 Quebec Street, and there wasn’t supposed to be.

In an attempt to break up the crowd, the owner of the home was instructed to call police.

“The person we’re looking for, Francheska Delacruz, took offense to the person calling the police for some reason, and she became very upset and started to assault the person who called police — punching and kicking her, giving her a bruise on her leg,” says Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney.

Meanwhile, police say Francheska’s boyfriend was getting into a scuffle of his own with someone else who was at the party.

“While this was going on, Francheska thought it was a good idea to take a baseball bat and went to the victim’s car and smashed out every window with the baseball bat, dented the fender and then took a knife out of her pocket and slashed all the tires on the victim’s car,” says Delaney.

By the time officers arrived to the home on Quebec Street, Francheska and her boyfriend had already fled.

“Flash-forward to a week later and Francheska Delacruz, because she was still upset that somebody called the police to stop the party — for some reason this upset her very much — she came by,” says Delaney. “The victim was standing in the window on Quebec Street. She took out a gun and pointed it at the victim and said, ‘Have your boyfriend come out here, we’ve got something for him.’”

Police say gunshots were never fired, but they haven’t been able to track down Francheska. Police say she’s sent the victim threatening text messages since the incident.

“She has several restraining orders against her, as a matter of fact she has four restraining orders against her from different people which would tell somebody that she has a violent nature,” says Delaney. “Hopefully we can put her into custody, maybe get her some help in regards to the violent tendencies she’s been portraying.”

If you see Francheska Delacruz, call 911 or you can send police an anonymous tip. Just text it to “CRIMES” or 274637 and in the message type “SOLVE” and your tip.

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  • chance68

    Another violent San Juan reject. A one woman terrorist who belongs in prison. (In Puerto rico)She doesn’t fit or belong here in the USA.

  • tiredofthemedia

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    • crime

      I like your thinking…and there is a job fair at the hall of fame Oct 7th….all welfare sponges should have to attend or lose their benifits..

  • boo72

    Wow !! Ok she’s fu**ed !! Up but what dies race had to do with it??? Really some people’s comments make no sense .. They sound more stupit then that person who did the crime!!! Those people r notting but idiots

    • crime

      Have you checked our prison population lately….facts are facts

    • SicutTuVis

      Look; There’s a serious disadvantage in saying “dies” instead of does, “stupit” instead of stupid and “notting” instead of nothing.
      And what do you need three question marks for? Your not asking three questions in one sentence.
      Go back and finish your Nursery-School-Equivalency test.

  • boo72

    Yes u know who u r!!! Lol lol

  • boo72

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    • SicutTuVis

      You don’t write reports for these children at DCF, correct? Eight spelling errors, I stopped counting the grammatical ones after eleven… “Hatters”? What are “Hatters?” People who fit people with hats?

  • anonymous777

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    • RAW261

      That’s because that crazy woman got him!!!!

  • RAW261

    I say you should all go straight home and lock all your doors and windows, Then hope and pray this dreadful creature doesn’t come to your house with guns,knives and baseball bats.

  • NoNonsense1

    stupit, then, notting, lossers, proberly,and hatters…….WOW really. …if your going to try “shutting someone up” make sure your response doesn’t make you look “stupit” lol. Your a DCF worker? I doubt that because I would think one of the requirements is intelligence. If your a DCF worker I fear for these children. Be professional stop trying to sound like a thug. Lol