Police Officer Shoots and Kills Two Pit Bulls

Springfield PoliceSPRINGFIELD (WGGB) — Springfield Police say one of their officers shot and killed two pit bulls who were attacking residents.

Police responded to a complaint in the lower Forest Park area about two violent pit bulls at around 8:30 Saturday morning.

Police say the dogs were trying to attack people and eventually came at the officers.

One officer shot and killed both of the dogs on Belmont Ave.

Police say that they are looking into the situation.

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  • robn

    All pit bulls should be put down, they are dumb dogs that are responsible for 85+% of all attacks on kids and adults. Hate that breed.

  • hstrats22

    Stupid irresponsible dog owners.. Way to make us RESPONSIBLE pit bull owners have to worry about our dogs.. It was only a matter of time.. Thank god we live in an ANTI-BSL state. Keep your dogs on leashes people.. Take responsibility for your pets . If you’re going to own an animal that is “looked down upon” by society at least have the decency to train them, to make sure they are socialized & people friendly..

  • PacoR1

    Gotta love irresponsible dog owners poor dogs :-( should shoot the owners instead of the dogs

    • nenayeyo

      I’m the owner of these friendly loving pits and let me tell you trying to call irresposibly they escaped from a tight hole they dug in an enclosed yards leaving their tags leash and flea collars behind and yes they have papers and their shots up to date ..so if you dont kno keep your negative comments up your AO..And yes i showed my face and im waitng on the so called SPD AO internal investigation..but my pits werent trained to do anythn harmful other than hugs and kisses cuz the have been raised around little kids..took a cowardly cop to take their life instead of waiting for TJO..to handle this..and my family is still mourning the loss..so go pick at another news you non-lovers to pits.

  • shawnm7

    Mostly likely PR’s having their DOGZ protect their stolen EBT cards.

  • Iceman

    Pitbulls are great dogs if they are raised correctly.

  • tony79

    Robn maybe if you would learn to know the breed you might realize there very loving dogs. What needs to be done is the people who own then and don’t feed them don’t take care of them should be shot not the dogs cuz they don’t know no better. I bet if you gave these people who owned those dogs a lab or a golden retriever I bet money that those dogs would be aggressive to.

  • JadeRS

    Great nice to see there are still ignorant racist stereo typing white folks in the 21st century(shawnm7) I’m sure your parents are truely proud of you ignorance and culturally insensitive comments..

  • shawnm7

    @JadeRS. Its not a stereotype if its true. WTFU. Who do think is doing mostly the killing, robbing etc. in holyoke&spfld? PR Pajanimals=pr who shop in stores in their panjamas. Save your liberal limo propganda for the sheeple. Do you go downtown Spfld or Forest Park @ nite…seriously? If you say yes your either an idiot or lying. Or maybe your one of them.

  • jdelmonte

    first of all…. how random is it that these two pitbulls just randomly start attacking people….. second there was no need for this POS cop to kill the dogs…..i do not even believe this story.. i think its bull….. police are looking into it? into what? they are going to say the kill was justified… cops always stick together… where are the people who were so called attacked?…. and if they were attacking people..then these dogs owners should of been shot dead in the road.. and where were these so called owners?? AND WHY DID THE OFFICER SHOOT TO KILL?? he could of went just for injury to stop the pups if they were truly TRAINED BY THE OWNERS TO ATTACK… and anyone who thinks all pitbulls should be put down.. should be hung and shot themselves.. these animals are better then most people….

    • alpinequeen

      What you believe doesn’t matter. A dog’s life, especially one that has not bee properly trained comes second to the safety of a police officer.

      • doglover

        the cop did not need to shoot to kill

  • jdelmonte

    (robn) apparently you are an ignorant fu**…. if you knew anything about anything.. you would know that pitbulls are one of the best breeds out there with children and adults… before you type.. you should have an idea of what you are even talking about..

  • doggone

    Why weren’t trained animal control officers called to handle the situation instead of police officers, who have no expertise in the handling of animals?

  • 50slowone

    Robyn you sound really stupid. Do you blame guns for killing people or is it more like poor judgement. Pitbulls were dog aggressive but are not suppose to be people aggressive. Someone more than likely locked them in a pen their whole life making unfamiliar with people. Do I assume your a welfare sucking leach? No. Lets not make comments condemning a breed. Your stats are also way off. Check before you comment

  • nenayeyo

    I’m the owner of theses 2 wonderful loving pits..but of course SPD the guy is still working while supposedly internal investigation going on.. Hey if it was a human life taken away of a loved one it would have been the same thing just like the Trayvon case may he R.I.P..GBH all i kno my pits didnt need any training at how to show their innocent love towards people.