Springfield Officials Search for Crime Solution

scp SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) –Springfield has been plagued with crimes like breaking and enterings, arson, armed robberies, and shootings in the last few weeks alone.

Mayor Domenic Sarno is looking to turn it around, meeting with city officials every other Tuesday at Juvenile Court, following up on their public safety initiative.

Discussing why certain people are allowed back on the street after they’d been taken into custody. “Many times these individuals have been arrested, and released, for whatever rhyme or reason, they’ll be released, or below bail, and they’ll reoffend,” Mayor Sarno said. “We’re vested, and also, based upon our experience, we keep an open mind, because a lot of things that present one way initially, may be something else,” added William Boyle, 1st Justice of Springfield District Court.

In fact, Mayor Sarno acknowledges that the city has the busiest district court in the commonwealth, and funding is low.

However, he states that some cases that end up making into superior court, end up having their sentences reduced. Still, they are pursuing other policing initiatives, and preventative measures.

Over the summer, Mayor Sarno also commissioned the state police community action team to patrol some community hot spots. Since then, they say they’ve already seen a difference.  “Here’s the thing.  Can we continue to sustain it? What happens when you put the heat on some hot spot areas, they move somewhere else,” he said.

In order to address long term solutions, Judge Boyle says they can start to be achieved by addressing issues surrounding education, employment, and substance abuse.

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  • doggone

    Education is definitely a long term solution, but what is needed is a solution now!!
    As far a gun violence is concerned, get the criminals off the street with a 25 yr. mandatory sentence for possessing a stolen firearm with no plea barganing or parole.
    Next make it difficult for anyone to obtain welfare with more than one child. There are too many fatherless children being born, who become prospective gang members within a few years.

  • tiredofthemedia

    Wow what a surprise. Send them to court to send them home again. How bout this. Get convicted and lose your ebt. Wow wouldn’t want to do that to these poor oppressed people. Might as well keep funding them. The Feds fund Syrian rebels or as we call them the Taliban.

  • shawnm7

    Sending a majority of the PR’s back to PR would solve about 65-70% of the problem. FACT.Food for thought. Its a start.

  • Na2013

    thats all jim and dandy but how the cops gonna make it better when some of them are the first criminal my man punch me in the face and was choking me in front of a cop and all the cop did was turned around and left

  • berto

    shawnm7 ignorant prick

  • kody61

    The laws are obsolete, day break should be same or WORSE then night time. Who breaks in at night for fear of armed owner, nobody…… Plus thats drug time. they’re too wasted… Oh, you didnt’t know they’re on drugs ? Those are all drug dealers ripping drug dealers off at night. They bag your house during the DAY time. One reason only . Heroin or crack. own a gun without permit or no number? Should b bye bye for 5. With a min/man descretion. Talk…. Or bye bye 5. How’s THAT for no snittchin’…..

  • kody61

    I am armed. Almost always. That’s why…. Peace

  • Na2013

    the question is do u have a license to carry and u could be armed at all the the ?? is di you know how to use the firearm

  • Na2013

    times sorry for the typo