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Police Investigating Deadly Motorcycle Accident in Springfield


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Police are investigating a deadly motorcycle crash in Springfield.

The crash happened around 10:00 a.m. Thursday near the corner of Berkshire Avenue and Cottage Street.

Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney say that a motorcycle was traveling west on Cottage Street when a U-Haul truck took a left from Berkshire Avenue onto Cottage Street.

Delaney adds that the motorcyclist, who was allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed, clipped the U-Haul, but the driver of the truck reportedly didn’t notice what happened and kept going.

The 24-year-old motorcyclist from Indian Orchard has died as a result of his injuries.

Rufus Kynard III was at his diner when the accident happened. “I heard the impact and I came right out, and I saw the motorcyclist on the ground right beside his motorcycle which looked to be totaled,”  said Kynard.

The incidents is a stark reminder to those who frequent the area who say Berkshire Avenue is notorious for speeding and accidents, and want to see the city do something about it. “It can get a little dangerous. Pulling off from here and taking these lefts, these cars come down this road and ongoing traffic this way; it can get a little dangerous,” Darryl Hurst stated. “There’s been numerous accidents on this corner. There needs to be a light here, but this month has been really bad. There was like 3 or 4 in the month of September,” added Kynard.

In fact, the traffic issue on Cottage and Berkshire is one the city is well aware of, and now working to fix. “The DPW did their traffic study out here and determined that what needs to happen is that Cottage needs to be widened because people come up Cottage, go up Berkshire, and people will be able to take a right coming up Cottage to Berkshire, and people will also be able to take a left,” said City Councilor Bud Williams.

The street widening would also alleviate the traffic it causes on Cottage that neighbors say sometimes backs up to Smith and Wesson.

The DPW is still in the planning phase of the project they’d first mentioned in March.

Police are not releasing the name of the motorcyclist or the Uhaul driver just yet.

They also say they have not charged that driver yet.

The crash remains under investigation.


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  • emily7677

    Thats my cousin so please keep all your negative bullshit to yourself. Dont assume! dont think you know just shut the hell up unless you have something nice to say

    • Na2013

      emily i am so sorry my condolenses to u and the rest of the family and i am here enough and if i see someone talking shit i talk shit right back cause in my eyes he was a wonderfull man

  • emily7677

    The article has changed through out the day. The first one stated his condition was unknown. Thank you all who send thoughts and prayers and positive comments.

  • brendaleblanc70

    Emily is right … think if this was your family would you want anything negative posted? my heart is broken for my family right now ..

  • yaaykt

    Donna Beattie– wggb updates their stories constantly, while leaving the same comments attached… Earlier it said his condition was not known, so the comments up above made sense at that time (maybe consider that next time before you comment about someone else’s comment?… Just a thought).
    My condolences to his family :( so sad, too young.

  • Na2013

    how the fuck the uhaul truck driver didnt know what happend thats bullshit he was a very nice man he help everyone he used to help my son fix his car cops better get on the roll and start asking questions cause i swear if i found out he did is a wrap so hit and runner where ever u are we will find u COWARD

  • chulas41

    I read a different article that stated the uhaul truck had another vehicle following behind the truck. My question is if that is true, how did the driver behind the uhaul not see this happen? Very confusing. They continued on driving to Carew Street without seeing, feeling or hearing anything? I’m not blaming the uhaul driver by any means, as I don’t know the full story, it just seems strange. I drove by tonight and there were like 50 people at the area where this poor guy died. Very sad. My heart goes out to his loved ones.

    And to the people that are leaving negative comments about the man who died, please stop! The family is suffering right now and don’t need to hear criticism about what their loved one may or may not have done wrong. Its a horrible way to die and they have to deal with that. Negative comments don’t need to be plastered all over the place.

  • emily7677

    Thank you all for your love and support and positive feedback. Please continue to pray for our family.

  • cd

    “Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney say that a motorcycle was traveling west on Cottage Street when a U-Haul truck took a left from Berkshire Avenue onto Cottage Street.”

    That does not seem possible?

  • Na2013

    well delaney if that what he said it then thats how it was none was there so but it doesn’t matter if he took aleft or a right the asshole should of stop to see what happend or who or what he hit he killed and inocent man at basterd

  • emily7677

    The truck did take a left…… the motorcycle was driving from the orchard up berkshire ave and the truck was coming the opposite way and took a left onto cottage st cutting the motorcycle off. Thats not from news reports, hearsay or any bullshit… thats from someone who was there!