Dobelle Defends Spending Before Board of Higher Education

(BOSTON, Mass.) WGGB–Westfield State University President Evan Dobelle was on the hot seat friday afternoon in Boston.

Dobelle answered questions about his spending practices at the university before the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.

Dobelle does not feel his job is in jeopardy,” Not at all, in fact I’m proud of our spending practices, we’ve had enormous success with our investments across the board in every conceivable way,” says Dobelle.

As he arrived at the closed-door meeting Dobelle was asked how he would defend his trips around the country and the world,” I don’t have any defense for something I’m not defensive about, we’re all proud of what we’ve accomplished,” says Dobelle who says his spending has benefited the university.

An audit of spending and report from the state inspector general’s office said Dobelle violated school spending policy by using credit cards for personal expenses.

Dobelle says he paid it all back.

Board of Higher Education members have serious concerns about the allegations, “The public can be concerned about the things they read in newspapers or see on TV, that can have a chilling effect on the way resources and support can find its way into the public higher education system at large,” says Charles Desmond, Chair of the Board of Higher Education.

Asked if he would be surprised if he were fired Dobelle responded,” I see no reason for that,” says Dobelle.

Any disciplinary action against Dobelle would have to come from the Westfield State University Board of Trustees.




  • WMassMom75

    If this guy is spending money that isn’t his to spend, it doesn’t matter that he paid it all back. Sounds to me like he knew he was wrong and going to get caught, and replaced the funds he “borrowed”. That in itself is an admission of guilt, but his arrogant attitude about the whole thing is sickening. If people get even a small sense of something improper going on, they’ll stop funding and donating to the school, which only hurts the school an its students, not the jerk with all the cash.

  • tiredofthemedia

    They already lost a donor of 100k. Yea paid it all back. I’m sure he would have paid it all back if they weren’t looking into it. He probably bought them lunch on the card at the meeting. Maybe he should run for the president of the USA. Sounds like he’d make a good politician.

  • doggone

    How can this guy be trusted with tax payer money?