One Man Dead Following Late Night Shooting on Walnut Street

WALNUT street shooting

SPRINGFIELD (WGGB) — One man is dead this morning after he was shot on Walnut Street in Springfield Saturday night.

Police say crews responded to 186 Walnut Street after several shots were fired around 10:30 p.m. Saturday. There was one victim.

No arrests have been made, and Springfield Police do not have any suspects.

The Springfield Police Detective Bureau is investigating the shooting.

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  • doggone

    All these shooting and nothing heard from the mayor?

  • WMassMom75

    Seriously?? Another one?? That makes what, 4 in one week along with a couple hit and runs. Why aren’t we hearing anything from the police department or the mayor? And they want to put a casino in….why? So there’s more targets for the gang members? What a disgrace, city officials should be ashamed of themselves for not giving a damn about the citizens they’re supposed to be working for and protecting.

  • boo72

    Shooting shooting shootings sick of it!!! Where these people getting guns??? It’s crazy out here . I don’t even go with my husbend these days .. I feel like we’re lossing our freedom !!! I don’t want to profile anyone but I’m guessing it’s Gang or drug related!! Something had to b done bottom line

  • Jloenlacasa

    Cathy he was a man,a husband a father who had actually turned his life completley around its very sad what we are dealing with and thinking in a negative manner in a way that “they deserve it” is ridonculous! And as long as we keep thinking in that manner we will continue to see the cookie crumble. Rip brandon

  • sunni

    Yes!!!! Where are the cops! What are they doing mmmmm let me guess they are out drinking and partying at the bars looking for women instead of fighting crimes thats what they are doing they are a joke!!! you know how many cops i c hanging out outside n driving looking for ass instead of fighting crimes its really sad

  • bapone

    Umm, race card please

  • peteyb

    Time to leave town,this area of Mass sucks.pretty soon there will be drive by shootings at school kids.springfield is becoming another chicago.drugs are winning.

  • keisha

    You can say what you want about our race or how we live in Springfield but to label these people as animal’s is beyond outrageous its sad. This man was killed in front of his child at a store regardless of how you feel about the situation a life is lost and now his child has to live with that in mind. Prayers go out to the families..RIP..

  • berto

    I think the casino will actually help it will bring in more money for the city to hire more cops

  • medic3

    Don’t blame the cops, they didn’t pull the trigger. EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY TIME the budget gets cut to the city the FIRST thing your mayors do is cut public safety… That’s right, YOU’RE PUBLIC safety. Look at the friggin history. It’s cops, fire fighters and EMS providers. Springfield went from almost 400 cops down to barely 200. From almost 500 FF’s to 290. If you seriously think they can protect you do the math. 200 police officers divided by three shifts, 7 days a week to cover the ENTIRE square mileage of Spfld. They were cut from 2 man cruisers to one man cruisers and cut the number of cruisers. Your MAYOR did this to them. Ask a cop if they aren’t equally as frustrated as you are. The day Kevin Ambrose was murdered in cold blood he responded from another district to cover an officer that was tied up on a BS call. Bitch at your governor that cut the cities budget that forced the mayor to cut YOUR public safety. Don’t let them cut it, get off your asses and start fighting that the budget be cut somewhere else besides YOUR SAFETY!!

  • Na2013

    another life gone another mother griefing for her son’s death wow i think we should all get together as parent’s and fight for our safety because it don’t matter if it was over a gang or the reason why he got shot all that matters is that those people that lost their lives were someone”s son daughter some kid’s mom or dad

    some of ya might not agree with me and is ok