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Springfield Rallies for “Anti-Arizona” Legislation

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB)–Springfield area residents and immigrant rights organizers rallied Saturday afternoon outside the All Souls Church in the North End for a call to better Massachusetts legislative practices.

Several hundred pushing for two bills that they say will make the state safer by turning away Arizona style policies came out for the demonstration.

Some other issues discussed included worker’s rights and better wages.

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  • work4aliving


  • shawnm7

    Here we go again…America has enough problems…Please WTFU…YOU HERE ILLEGALLY…GO BACK HOME. VERY SIMPLE…NO MORE ANCHOR BABIES ETC.

  • work4aliving

    The only thing wrong with Arizona’s rules is that they didn’t do it sooner. It’s the only option left to save our future generations. Pay attention and take notes, Massachusetts.

  • crime

    I thing we should let the mexicans in..all they want to do is work…exchange the 1 for 1 ratio for all the lazy pieces of crap on welfare…ship the welfare leaches to mexico…have a nice day..

  • alphafox

    Bring on the Arizona immigration laws, they are here illegally! If it’s legal then there’s no issue, immigrants are welcome if they follow the rules and come in legally. It’s common sense!!

  • doggone

    What makes these alien (invaders) feel that they can come into a foreign country and demand rights?
    They are coming here, having babies and increasing their population while we care for them with or tax dollars that seem to be not enough for our Govenor to spend and needs more?
    I’m getting sick of it, they’re criminals and should be treated as such.

  • WMassMom75

    Maybe the solution is for all us law abiding, tax paying citizens to move to Arizona. Fill massachusetts with illegals – they don’t work or pay taxes so it won’t be too long before all the assistance runs out since there won’t be any tax dollars to fund these programs. This country needs to focus on helping the LEGAL citizens who are struggling – the low-to-moderate income families, the single working parents who can’t make ends meet, the LEGAL children who don’t have homes or food or access to decent education. Send these ILLEGAL leaches back where they came from!

  • bapone

    Dirtbag freeloaders need to go, yup I’m sure you know who I’m talking about, that language you’re speaking, belongs in a different country, beat it, losers!