Threatening Message Forces Closure and Evacuation of STCC

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — After closing for the entire day following a threatening message  Tuesday morning, Springfield Technical Community College reports they will be open as usual on Wednesday.

Earlier Tuesday, Officials with the college couldn’t elaborate on the threat, but cancelled all day and evening classes for the day.

As a precaution, the campus was also evacuated.

Students were surprised,” I was in class and one of the other students got up and said school was closing, then a woman walked in, I assume she worked for the school and said everyone has to leave,” says Despina Hatzis, a student at STCC.

The campus was evacuated quickly and in orderly fashion,” Everyone just walked out normally,” says Jarilisse Ruiz, a student at STCC.

Tuesday’s incident at STCC comes just one day after Holyoke Community College was closed all day Monday after a threatening note was discovered on that campus.

Hampden County Assistant District Attorney Matt Shea says conviction on a bomb threat charge is a felony and can carry up to a 20-year state prison sentence.



(Traffic on Pearl Street, near STCC campus, heavy following closure)

(Traffic on Pearl Street, near STCC campus, heavy following closure)

  • medic3

    What next? GCC? AIC? SC? WNEU? Are the notes similar? Same @$$ or a copycat? This is wasting valuable resources and manpower. Hope they draw and quarter the perp

  • alpinequeen

    Another student who didn’t do their home work.

  • yaaykt

    Like others said, definitely a copycat. …and the copycat is probably too stupid to realize that police/FBI can trace the threats to find out where/who they came from, and the people can get fined AND prison time. I hope the day off of classes was worth it. Smh..

  • Na2013

    I was surprise when they told us u had to leave is ok cause i caught up on my work

  • Na2013

    yes alpine i didnt do my homework