What is Springfield Doing About Gang Violence?

gang issuesSPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB)– In the early hours of Saturday Sept. 21st, 25-year-old Adriana Bonet was shot on Armory and Worthington Streets. Later on that evening, 28-year-old father of 3 Brandon Daniels was killed on Walnut street, on his birthday.

Early Saturday morning, 22-year-old John Alexander was shot on Westminster St., making it the 3rd murder in 2 weekends in Springfield. Police say this incident was gang related.

Mayor Domenic Sarno is well aware of the city’s plight.  “I am not going to speak about any named ties. I’m not going to glorify them; I’m not going to give them any credence, period. We have local officers on federal and state task force, gun task force; narcotic task force. Gang intelligence meetings are held constantly. The information’s ever changing, all the way from DYS, all the way up to the federal authorities,” he stated.

This is in addition to the stepped up police presence in Mason Square and C-3 unit in the North End.

There are also weekly meetings with local authorities, the Hampden County District Attorney and Assistant Attorney General. “We work off hot lists, many times some of these individuals have been arrested, and understand there has to be due process, but sometimes these people are back out on the street,” added Mayor Sarno.

While those meetings hope to ensure that these types of criminals remain locked up, at the latest vigil, Mayor Sarno pushed the community to nix a disturbing trend. “To urge that crowd to come forward with information. because believe you me, there are people in that crowd who know exactly what happened, and know exactly who did it, and there are anonymous ways to get that information across.”

If not, the Mayor says then neighbors will continue being part of the problem, rather than the solution.

Mayor Sarno says police are still investigating, all cases, and that they’re hopeful an arrest will come soon. However, according to an FBI report released earlier this month, in 2012, Springfield had its second lowest violent crime rate in 28 years.

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  • berto

    Nothing Springfield,s broke. …..

  • LoriB

    As for the comment at the end of the article..”However, according to an FBI report released earlier this month, in 2012, Springfield had its second lowest violent crime rate in 28 years.” if you look at the reason for this it isn’t because violent crime has actually gone down, but the way in which they measure what a violent crime is. I believe violent is now classified as gang, serial killing, murder for hire, and bank robbery. Since they don’t always identify these as “gangs” it helps their numbers look as though they have dropped, yet what the public feels as “violent” has gone up.

  • Na2013

    about fucking time and don’t forget mayor to get the sun of a bitch that killed my friend

  • shawnm7

    1. All the tough guy PRs should be given long jail sentences for violent crimes ie., armed robbery, gang-related crimes,illegal guns etc. 10 years automatic. Cut welfare, ebt benefits across the board with hardcore work requirements. If you can’t feed one baby don’t reward people for having 4-5 kids. Chain gangs…make it so tough that don’t want to go to jail & maybe they would learn a work ethic. Speak ENGLISH & NOT CATER TO FOREIGNERS ie, Asians, PRs etc. Its a start.

  • 06012011

    Springfield’s Motto. Get State police, Don’t hire new street beat cops and let the thugs sort it out themselves. Thanks Dumb Dom…

  • WMassMom75

    So if the police patrols have been increased in the problem areas, how is it that these lowlife criminals are still getting away with murder? Sounds to me like your great mayor is all talk and no action. What you need is the sheriff from Arizona to show you how really police work is done. Sarno needs to go, now!!