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Franklin County Residents Consider Consolidation of Ambulance Service

DEERFIELD, Mass (WGGB) — Folks in three Franklin County communities had their chance to speak out tonight on a proposal for a 24-7 ambulance service.

The more than $600,000 proposal is for Deerfield, Whatley, and Sunderland.

Right now those communities are serviced by an on-call system and EMT’s instead of paramedics.

“The idea to regionalize came up because the three towns individually, while we try our best to meet the needs of those emergency calls when they come in, with the reducing number of volunteers and increased number of calls, our volunteers can’t get to every call, so the idea of pooling our resources in three towns, to provide a full time service to help answer those calls,” said Matthew Russo, Director of Emergency Medical Services in Deerfield

The select board of Whatley, Sunderland and Deerfield must all approve the plan before residents get a chance to vote on it at their town meetings.

  • WMassMom75

    I assume this means the service will be located I only one of the towns, which means slower response time for emergencies in the other two towns. So the guy having a heart attack on the outskirts of whately will have to wait more than 15 minutes for help – very easily the difference between life and death.