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Lawmakers Still Get a Check, Even in Shutdown Mode

Campaign FinanceBy HENRY C. JACKSON
Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — There’s at least one constant in a government shutdown: The 532 members of Congress continue to be paid — at a cost of $10,583.85 per hour to taxpayers.

Lawmakers get their pay even as hundreds of congressional staffers are sent home, packs of tourists are turned away at the Capitol, and constituent services in many offices grind to a halt.

House members and senators can’t withhold their own pay even if they want to. Under the Constitution’s 27th Amendment, lawmakers can only change the pay of those in a future Congress, not the one in which they serve.

Lawmakers aren’t oblivious to how it looks. Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and others are pledging to donate their salaries to charity during the shutdown.

  • fresh413

    That’s some bs!!

  • tiredofthemedia

    Is this a real surprise to anybody?

  • doggone

    The’ve written their own ticket without the taxpayer knowing anything about it. One of many perks we don’t know about or can do anything about.
    Must be nice !!!!!

  • Happy George

    If they were not getting paid, this would have been resolved. Bunch of BS!!!!

  • bapone

    So you’re telling me they earn a little less than $20/hr in salary? Lies!

  • tiredofthemedia

    Probably 10k an hour each

  • heyd

    $20/ hr isn’t too shabby, do the math, about 174k a year.

  • tiredofthemedia

    20 an hour makes 174k a year? How many hours they get paid for?

  • DebbieInMa

    Oh Yeah, like THAT’S fair! They should NOT be getting 10 cents!
    If WE don’t go to work, do we get paid? (I know I don’t).

    They should be made to donate their pay to a charity like Cancer Research, to find a cure for Alzheimers, or put towards seeing that those who are working but still Struggling to pay their mortgage and in danger of losing their home, get a free month!

    For them to still get paid is Wrong on SO MANY counts.
    I feel like it’s a slap in the face, that they will still be paid and we have to suffer with all their indecisiveness.

    And to tell us, we’ll be Punished, if we DON’T get and have health insurance???????
    That makes me Angry!….anyone else?

  • heyd

    $10,583.85/hr divided by 532 members = $19.89/hr each
    times 24h = 477.46 per day
    times 365days = $174,275.42/year

  • think

    They don’t get paid for 24 hours per day or 365 days a year….you may need to get some finance classes. Even if they worked 80 hours a week…they still would not even make over 100k a year. Although, I am sure they have plenty of perks or benefits like cars, houses, vacations, daily meals at work, and paid health insurance.
    Either way….they are acting like spoiled brats and need a good kick in their WALLETS!!!

  • heyd

    ok math wiz, show me my mistake please.

  • alpinequeen

    Bam dastards!

  • doggone

    If they were’nt getting paid this problem would have been resolved a long time ago.
    Let’s see how we can survive without all these government workers and eliminate them from our taxes.