Man Arrested for Armed Robbery in Chicopee

Police- Armed RobberyCHICOPEE (WGGB) – One man is behind bars this morning after Chicopee Police say he robbed a woman outside the Denny’s on Memorial Drive.

Shortly after midnight, the 65-year-old victim was leaving the restaurant when a man robbed her of her purse. She also received a cut on the hand in that assault. The suspect then ran north down Memorial Drive.

A short time later, a Days Inn customer who witnessed the robbery saw the suspect at the nearby hotel. They alerted the police who arrested 29-year-old Enrique Ortiz of Springfield. Ortiz is charged with armed robbery and assault and battery of person over 60 years old.

  • crime

    To bad there are not more armed citizens around we could shoot more of these loosers in the head and save some tax payer dollars..

  • shawnm7


  • 2nice4 u

    Really a 65 year old its called get a job and stop robbing ppl what else does this guy need i mean the state gives them everything money shelters phones ebt cards and they still freakin robbing what a shame !!!!!!

  • bapone

    Dirtbag loser!

  • crime

    we need vigilante justice…the system just does not work…just need a few good shooters and a honda…it would be written up as a gang related drive by and forgotten the next day…no court costs..no jail terms..god can judge them….I’ll take mine when I get there..