Foul Language by Police Could Get Them Fired


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — A Springfield state representative files a bill that could get a police officer fired for using foul language or racial slurs.

Representative Benjamin Swan says sworn police officers should not use derogatory language when addressing citizens.

“If you take an oath to uphold the public safety, you have no reason to use foul language. You have no reason to abuse anybody verbally because of their race, gender, national origin, religion, whatever,” says Swan.

Representative Swan says this is not the first time he’s filing this bill, but this time around, he says it appears to be getting a lot more attention.

“I’ve had a lot of complaints and I’ve heard and I’ve witnessed misuse of language on the part of sworn officers,” Swan adds.

Springfield Police Commissioner Spokesperson Charlie Youmans says the commissioner is reviewing the bill. He says police have high standards to adhere to while on the force.

“Most police officers on this job are 210-percent professionals. They handle all situations, no matter how it comes back at them,” Youmans notes.

Mayor Domenic Sarno also weighed in on the bill, saying cops have a tough job but must maintain those high standards.

“I always want my police department to act brave and courageously, but always be very respectful in very difficult decisions,” says Sarno.

Meanwhile, the bill got a hearing Thursday before the Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee on Beacon Hill.


  • doggone

    How about teaching the ” minorities ” to have some respect towards the police officers and not use racial slurs towards them !!!!!

  • WMassMom75

    It’s not just minorities that disrespect the police, I’ve heard plenty of white trash cussing them out too. People don’t teach their kids to respect themselves these days, forget about authority figures.

  • Tarin12

    As a Criminal Justice student, I could not agree more with this. It is sad that officers who know better and should be the ones to act accordingly are using racial slurs and cussing people out when they should be leading by example. My 10 year old heard an officer making racial jokes when he around 7 and got this negative view about police and wrote a letter to them about it which was ignored. It took a long time for him to trust officers, no matter how many times he saw them do good. Officers racially profile and swear at any suspect or person they are talking to for no reason or because they think they can, enough is enough. You wear a badge and that does not mean you have the authority to treat people like they are beneath you

  • doggone


  • jfemaleder

    Somewhat recently, a year ago or so, a Leominster, MA cop was fired for racial slurs he posted on his Facebook page. He was off duty and using his own computer. There was plenty of media coverage from the Boston news channels. I think that should be considered in the punishment for uniformed officers who are on the clock making racial slurs.

  • RichBrunelle

    All Public Servants Should Have A Required Enhancement For Violations Of The Law.

    When a normal citizen violates the law he is subjected to what punishment the law dictates. Law Enforcement, The Court, Government Employees, and others with the responsibility of the Public Trust should have an enhanced for laws violated for their violation of the public trust.

  • lcleejr

    most officers have to deal with enough already. to fire an officer is stupid. its difficult to find good officers period. leave them alone.

  • crime

    That is a stupid thing to inforce…you think that after the saggin pant suspect goes to jail their going to hear any better talk while the prisoners are teaching the new incoming what it means in jail to wear your pants saggin…lol..no lube

  • cd

    ““Most police officers on this job are 210-percent professionals. They handle all situations, no matter how it comes back at them,” Youmans notes.”

    And yet, SPD still refuses to run in-car cams? huh.

  • Na2013

    instead of making stupid rules like that they need to start cracking down more on violence and all that stuff putting more police officer who really want to work on the highest crime areas and start charging people when they see something and don’t say nothing then hold them up to 24 hours ti takes more then 48 hours untill they say something

  • Na2013

    sorry till they speak i am correcting myself cause people on here think theyre perfect so before they start talking negative shit about me i correct my sentences