Kerry Kennedy in Court for Drugged-Driving Case

gty_kerry_kennedy_jt_120714_wgARMONK, N.Y. (AP) — There’s not much left for the judge to decide before the drugged-driving case against Kerry Kennedy goes to trial in suburban New York.

But when — and where — to have the trial may come up at a court session Tuesday.

Kennedy, ex-wife of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, daughter of Sen. Robert Kennedy and niece of President John Kennedy, was arrested last year after swerving her Lexus into a tractor-trailer.

Blood tests found a small amount of a sleeping drug. She says she accidentally took a sleeping pill.

The judge refused in May to dismiss the case. No motions have been filed since then.

Lawyers have been scouting for a bigger space than the town’s 60-seat courtroom.

One attorney said that won’t be able to hold the expected spectators and reporters.

  • jp2013

    And the Kennedy genes stay strong!

    • Fredpiquette

      Ohhhh look at the poor jealous hater whining like big baby about his 40 year Kennedy obsession. She took one pill, had a minute amount of it in her system, nothing else. She’s not an addict. She could hire a limo and spend what you make in a year on a trip to the store for shoes. That’s your real problem.

      • alpinequeen

        And you talk about whining!

  • Fredpiquette

    She is a gorgeous, rich, famous, blond, Irish lass, I say let her off with 10 days probation and a $10 fine.

    • alpinequeen

      You’re not a judge.