Governor Says Shutdown Posing Threat to State

Michael Dwyer/AP

Michael Dwyer/AP

BOSTON (AP) — Gov. Deval Patrick is trying to reassure state workers as the partial federal government shutdown drags on.

Patrick said in a message to workers Friday that although the shutdown is hurting Massachusetts, his administration is taking the situation seriously and is using every resource of state government to keep services up and running.

Patrick cautioned that the state cannot fill the funding gaps left open by the partial federal shutdown for very long.

Patrick, who is currently on a trade mission to Canada, said some programs in state government are funded in whole or in part with federal grants.

In those cases, Patrick said, there is the potential for furloughs and layoffs, although that’s not imminent.

Patrick said the longer the shutdown continues, the greater the potential harm to the state.

  • doggone

    So why is the Gov out of the country when we have a serious problem at home ?

  • crime

    recall patrick….pos…if you max out your credit card you cant call to have your limit raised when you dont have the money to pay for it….

  • darkwave2013

    The value of money is based on faith. Like believing in a Jesus or Allah.