Mass., Conn., RI Lawmakers Push to Reopen Govt.

capitolBOSTON (AP) — More than a dozen lawmakers from Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island are among at least 186 members of the U.S. House of Representatives who have signed a special petition that would force a vote on reopening the federal government.

The lawmakers have signed a discharge petition, a procedural maneuver that only needs the signatures of a majority of House members and no action by the Republican leadership. GOP House Speaker John Boehner refuses to allow lawmakers to vote on a straightforward temporary spending bill that would keep the government operating.

Lawmakers who signed the petition include James McGovern, William Keating, Joseph Kennedy, Niki Tsongas, Stephen Lynch, Richard Neal and John Tierney of Massachusetts.

Others include Joe Courtney, John Larson, Elizabeth Esty, Rosa DeLauro and James Himes of Connecticut.

Rhode Island supporters include David Cicilline and James Langevin.

  • neptune51

    It’s just killing the Libs that they can’t give away your hard earned tax dollars!!

  • doggone

    What a good bunch of liberals. Spend spend spend. That’s what got us into this big mess in the first two years of Obama’s term with a Democratic congress and President.

  • doggone

    Maybe if Obama would give a little this whole thing could go away.

  • darkwave2013

    So you have a problem paying the military? Go ahead, continue the shutdown and see if one of them doesn’t shoot you in the head because he can’t feed his family.