Customers Return to Local Stores After EBT Shutdown


AGAWAM, Mass. (WGGB) — On Saturday, shoppers like Lisa McRobbie vented about not being able to get anything at the market.

Not only was it an inconvenience to her but for her children and grandchildren. “They went to the store to pick up a few things for the day, it’s my granddaughter’s birthday party, and they couldn’t get anything. Nothing on the EBT card, it’s both cash and food. Couldn’t even do anything like that,” she shared.

By Saturday night, Xerox Corp. fixed their connectivity issues, making it clear the problem had nothing to do with the government shutdown.

That didn’t mean the headache was over.

Many families returned to the grocery store to pick up the goods they initially had to leave behind.

At  Geissler’s Supermarket in Agawam, they actually ended up losing money, throwing away cold cuts that people weren’t able to pay for once they got to the counter. “Most people were very understanding. We had postings on the doors, to let people know before they came in that there was an issue, and there were signs at the register as well. For the most part, everyone was forewarned,” said Closing Manager Debra Curtis.

Curtis had never seen anything like it, especially during one of the store’s busiest days.

While a small amount of their customers use EBT, their regulars didn’t really put up a stink when they heard about the glitch. On Sunday a couple of them trickled back in to pick up their groceries. “You just try to accommodate the best you can, keep tensions low, and you get through it,” Curtis smiled.

In all, 17 states were states affected, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California.

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  • tiredofthemedia

    Oh no these poor people what an inconvenience. Not being able to get free stuff for a day must be terrible!

  • Jake

    Oh thank god, I was terribly concerned about their wellbeing…..NOT!!!!

  • janetandbillssexlife

    All you people complaining about EBT are mentally disturbed idiots. You don’t like it, move.

    • alpinequeen

      You move…

  • Mick

    How awful, people going without free food, cigarettes and booze. In two weeks it is going to be Section 8 checks.
    One more malfunction and the Obama worshipers are going to rush the “White House”.

  • janetandbillssexlife

    Leslie, You are out of touch with reality for most EBT benefit holders. Many if not most like myself have no car, and don’t have the luxury of going where the sales are. Another thing is EBT is food ASSISTANCE not supposed to be your whole months worth of food. This allows me to buy NAME BRANDS for the first time in years of raising 6 kids when you HAD TO plan food money. Now being retired SNAP benefits greatly improved the quality of our lives. Ironically when I was working and had the kids at home, I don’t think we were eligible because we worked. Today many of our hardest working people who are paid the minimum wage are eligible for EBT. So before you criticize an entire program, remember the vast majority are working adults with children, and retired and disabled people. Over half my retiree friends get EBT too, and we earned it after paying into the government for nearly 50 years. You seem to want to deny us a decent life?

  • madmaxx

    So sad when you rely on the government and then you complain about it. To bad they don’t shut down permanently.

  • madmaxx

    “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything that you have”
    Thomas Jefferson

  • my3boys

    so so sad how much crap everyone talks no matter the circumstances we are all human and almost everyone i know receive foodstamps and they neeed it doesnt mean they dont work cause they do some need extra help so get over yourselvrs if you do nothing but bash others bet you get assistance too!!!!

  • janetandbillssexlife

    Hey Sal, I got your party favors here, I haven’t flushed yet, so they are all yours you disgusting excuse for a human.

  • 50slowone

    I really don’t understand how people complain about not getting free stuff. Its simple really, if I don’t work I don’t live. Why should your way of life be easier than mine. If you don’t like not eating get a job. There are plenty of mon wage jobs or deliver news papers. Put a little god damn effort.

    • janetandbillssexlife

      Well 50slowiqupstairs, let me attempt to explain it to you. People who receive these benefits, many already working, many are unable to work due to a physical issue that you cannot see with the bare eyes, are counting on them to be there just like you expect your pay check to be there at a certain time. So people DEPEND on these benefits, and if unexplicably taken away they have a perfect right to complain. However I don’t see anyone complaining about it, and it appears they realize it is not the stores fault. Next your outright asinine statement that “there are plenty of jobs” even minimum wage jobs, is a lie, or you are wholly ignorant of the facts or the reality of trying to find a job when there are 100 applicants for every position that opens.

  • dakota

    I don’t agree with the fact that the woman in the story purchased items for a birthday party with EBT.

    It’s my opinion you get out of life what you put in to it. People who work their entire lives in minimum wage work settled for it. It’s not my responsibility to subsidize your life because of it. People make choices in their lives, good and bad.

    I have relatives on EBT, SNAP, Fuel Assistance, and about to apply for Federal Disability. Why? Because she is an uneducated high school dropout who has 3 kids buy 3 different fathers all born before she was 17. She is unemployed and has no skills to offer any potential employer. She is basically unemployable. She has no car or drivers license (DUI took care of that). She has no ambition at all. She sleeps 20 hours a day and never gets dressed. When she did have a minimum wage job, they took out so much child support she quit. She tried to apply for unemployment but was denied because of her job abandonment.

    All I stated is true and I for one view the hopeless situations everyday.

    Before people call me callous and cold…..I provide a home to this person. Her only responsibilities are utilities. Even those are public funds.

    BTW…she is a smoker and guess how that gets paid?

    This country is broken. Far too many people rely of tax payer dollars for basic needs….especially when retirement hits. I opened my first IRA when I was 26. A small $30 a week was all it took. When I am 60 it will be worth several hundred thousand. Now as I close in on 40 I have opened up a second shorter term IRA. I invest in my future and never rely on someone else to.

    Some say I am lucky, but I refuse to accept that. I find that the harder I work the luckier I get.

    • janetandbillssexlife

      So Dakota what do you propose we do with stupid people like your relative? Shall we put her down? Let her and the kids starve? Are you saying she is NOT entitled to her benefits? Because she is. Not everyone is capable of getting an education and a good job, and are in her position because they are uneducated. In the 90′s under BC we had mandatory college educations for anyone on welfare. Right now these programs are gone under GWIdiot, and we have high unemployment, and the people we sent to college that are now educated, working as a manager at McDonalds when they should be administrators running these programs. Then Neerdowells like your relative would be forced to go to GED and then college, or go to work at McD’s. We now have college educated people working jobs far beneath their education levels. BTW your relative won’t be on assistance forever. there are term limits, and lifetime limits on welfare, so she is either disabled (I suspect you are leaving out a lot) or can work or go to school. But her present lifestyle won’t last forever. If you have any kids while already on welfare, you get no more money.

      • janetandbillssexlife

        oh and Dakota all your BS aside, your relative is the exception to the rule, not the example. Also we are talking about EBT food benefits here, not welfare. Your attempt to turn it into a welfare crybabies rant has failed. Now go get a job.

    • janetandbillssexlife

      Oh and does your relatives children deserve to starve because their mom is lazy? We are talking FOOD BENEFITS here, for CHILDREN, not for able bodied adults.

  • darkwave2013

    This is why I believe in abortion. These discussions, those some have made excellent points here, don’t address a core problem. Too many people on this planet.

  • 50slowone

    Janetandbillsmesseduplife. Clearly is on the system. Get a job and stop stalking this page