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Dog Found in Plastic Bag at Construction Site

SPRINGFIELD (WGGB) – A disturbing case of animal abuse in Springfield – after someone found a small dog inside a plastic shopping bag Tuesday morning.

The dog was discovered at a construction site and brought to the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society where she was immediately checked by vets, given IV fluids, and sent to a full service veterinarians hospital.

The black poodle (workers have named her Buffy)  is estimated to be about 3 years old and is described as being in ‘very poor shape’.

“She’s emaciated,” said  Candy Lash of the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society. “She was going to have diagnostics done, likely x-rays and an ultra sound. That may have been a part of that, but we’re still awaiting word.  We don’t know if she is going to make it or not.  We’ll know more when we get some of the diagnostic tests back.”

Lash said she understands that sometimes pet owners get in over their heads taking care of animals and can’t afford them, but that’s what shelters like Dakin are for – a safe place to drop them off.

“If you want to help out we do have a special fund called the Buddy Fund and this would be a great way for people to help not only her but other animals that come to us with extraordinary  needs.   Check it out on our Facebook page or you can find out more about the fund through our website,” said Lash.

Workers at Dakin reported the case to the MSPCA Law Enforcement Department.

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  • doggone

    Unfortunately when people treat their pets this way it’s usually the way they treat their other family members. It’s sad, but true.

  • WMassMom75

    I hate to disagree doggone but I don’t think that’s the case most times. Too many people don’t consider animals part of their family, and don’t give them the same respect and kindness they show to humans. Think about it – when times are bad and money is low, any money is likely spent on the family and not the family pet. It’s unfortunate and actually very disturbing to me…and you, and many others. And the Dakin doesn’t just take animals in, they can also help pet owners get food and other services so the pet doesn’t have to be surrendered. I hope this poodle survives and can be placed in a good, loving home.

    • jamarcil

      I am sure you are right about the $ going to people above pets. I must be a weirdo because I buy my pets Science Diet food first and then groceries. It’s not that I am putting my animals above my children but that is just how it goes. Everything left goes to groceries and if I have to cook from scratch because I have less than usual then so be it. They are defenseless. ugh… And heck if you can’t afford your pet’s care and they are failing or have a problem then take them to the shelter, where at least they will be safe. Swallow your pride and fear of judgement and put the animal above that nonsense.

  • boo72

    Omg!! So sad that sucks!!! :(((( I hope whoever did it gets the punishment they deserv!!!

  • HonestABElincoln

    The problem is often stupid people. I recently rescued a cat from the riverbanks, close to death, every parasite you could think of, heart murmur, etc etc. I put an ad up to see about finding her owners, and got a call. Some homeless nuts were keeping this cat down by the river where they lived, and acted like it was perfectly OK. I could not explain to them how close to death this cat was at 4.5lbs (11.5lbs now) and I realized that she just could not let go, even if it was for the cats benefit. The cats fat and healthy now.

  • Masshole1977

    I don’t get how someone could have a dog and not consider it to be part of the family. I love my dog like a child. Hell, when it comes down to money, which isn’t often, I’d buy food for my animals before I bought food for myself, and my wife feels the same as I do. People need to think ahead and not be so impulsive about purchasing pets, c’mon, they’re people too. Lol
    If you have an animal and can no longer afford to keep it, post an add on one if the fifty social media sites, or bring it to one of the numerous shelter, with no questions asked.

  • Nyrebel9

    @honestabe-thank-you for people like you who showed compassion to the starving and neglected cat. You recognized that it is a living creature that has feelings and needs. It is so disgusting that poor dog was discarded like a piece of trash. I am sending bad energy to the person who treated that dog so inhumanely. Over the years, i also rescued and saved over 7 abandoned cats and found wonderful loving homes for a few and adopted the rest i haved also owned 2 dogs that lived full lives one i had 13 years and the other for 15. Dogs are such loyal loving creatures who enjoy attention and being cared for. I don ‘t understand how that piece of crap could look into the dog’s eyes and feel nothing towards it. I hearby declare bad karma coming to that a**hole who hurt and neglected that poor creature. May he suffer like that poor dog did!

  • doggone

    I hate to disagree wMassmom, but I had over 20 yrs. experience in this field and animal abusers are people abusers.

    • jamarcil

      I believe that. If one can abuse a defenseless animal, I believe one can certainly abuse a human being, and will.

  • jamarcil

    This just makes me a special kind of sick. I had a dog that so much reminds me of her. He was a Pomeranian/poodle mix and looks so much like her. He was the best. I wish I could make it up to her. <3 I pray she recovers fully and is able to trust and receive love the rest of her life.

  • j.blessing

    I’m not 100′/, sure if this is my sisters dog, but our hearts say it is she’s been in our family for 8-9 yrs, Her name is Sadie she is Loved & we are very broken hearted,but unfortunately,she disappeared about three weeks ago,my sister let her out, she is smart n wouldn’t just leave ,she just had to puppies she wouldn’t leaved theWe believe she was stolen cause my sister call everywhere she had to find her,N no luck, So to the sick, cold hearted person that did this,God don’t like ugly. Hope you get caught, Hopefully by noon we’ll know if its her.God plz.let her be alright .So Prince & Eli can have there Sadie back.<3