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Drivers Again Paying Western Mass. Turnpike Tolls

(AP) — Drivers passing through the turnpike’s first six interchanges in western Massachusetts are once again paying tolls.

The tolls for passenger car drivers resumed early Tuesday morning after having been eliminated in 1996 by former Gov. William Weld. They cover Interchange 1 connecting to West Stockbridge through Interchange 6 connecting to Springfield and Interstate 291.

The tolls are the same as they were in 1996. The cost for cars getting on at exit 6 and getting off at exit 1 is $1.75.

Reinstating the tolls was included in a state transportation financing package approved earlier this year.

The tolls are expected to generate about $12 million each year.

By law, the money cannot be spent on construction or maintenance on any part of the turnpike east of Interstate 95 and Route 128.

  • ToddM

    I’ve had my transponder for a while now but when I didn’t and I was using the tolls in the western end of the pike (during the no toll period), I still had to get a ticket. Not sure why Tom was saying that they didn’t have to do that.

  • Jake

    The people complaining about paying these tolls are the same ones who probably spend $9.50 each morning on a fancy latte and crumpet from Starbucks! Quit complaining, pay the tolls, and find something better to complain about..please and thank you

  • ravenquota

    I love crumpets…