Fight Breaks Out on Moving MBTA Bus, Causing Chain-Reaction Crash

(Image Courtesy: YouTube / MBTA Transit Police)

(Image Courtesy: YouTube / MBTA Transit Police)

CHELSEA, Mass. (WGGB) — Investigators are looking for a man that allegedly assaulted a bus driver Sunday night, which led to a chain-reaction crash.

MBTA Transit Police say that on Sunday night, officers were called to the area of 948 Broadway Street in Chelsea for a report of an assault.

When they arrived, it was discovered that a bus driver was physically assaulted by an unknown man.

That altercation then led to the bus to collide with a parked car, and forced that car to crash into two more vehicles.

The assault and subsequent crash were both caught on security cameras mounted on the bus.

Transit Police are now seeking the identity for the man in the video. No arrests have yet been made.

  • alpinequeen

    It only a matter of time until they catch him.