Poodle Found Abandoned at Springfield Construction Site Improving


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — We have some good news on a poodle found in Springfield Tuesday.

“Buffy” is standing, walking, and in a much better condition than she was even 24 hours ago, according to veterinarians.

The puppy was brought into the Dakin Humane Society after being found in a trash bag at a construction site in Springfield.

She was severely dehydrated and neglected when she arrived at Dakin, but has been given fluids, Had fur mattes shaved off, and is generally more energetic.

“As soon as she was found, a number of people jumped in and did some amazing things on her behalf and that really restores my faith in humans as a species,” says Leslie Harris, Executive Director of Dakin.

Because of the way the dog was found, law enforcement and the MSPCA are now investigating.