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2 Safe 15 Hours After Boat Capsizes off Mass.


SALEM, Mass. (AP) — Two New Hampshire men whose boat capsized off the Massachusetts coast prayed and sang gospel songs as they survived a 15-hour ordeal that ended with them being rescued by a passing fishing boat.

George Reynolds, of Derry, and Fred Schaeffer, of Raymond, spent Friday night sitting on a plank over two hulls of his 25-foot trimaran as waves crashed over them through the night.

Reynolds tells The Associated Press the friends sat back-to-back and prayed for strength, calm seas and calm winds as they shivered violently, cramped up and tried to stay warm.

Reynolds says a passing fishing boat spotted them about 7 a.m. Saturday and took them to shore, where they were checked over by emergency medical technicians before going home.

Overnight temperatures Friday were in the high 50s.