Mass. to Begin Collecting Sales Tax from Amazon Friday

amazonBOSTON (AP/WGGB) — If you’re a resident of Massachusetts then you only have a few days left of tax-free shopping on Amazon.com.

Beginning Friday, the state will apply its 6.25 percent sales tax to purchases made from Amazon, though the tax will not apply to third-party vendors who use the site.

The state reached an agreement with Amazon last year. Owners of traditional “brick and mortar” stores have long complained of being at a competitive disadvantage to online retailers who are not required to collect sales taxes.

State revenue officials tell The Boston Globe the tax on Amazon purchases is expected to raise nearly $37 million for the state in the current fiscal year.

A group representing brick and mortar businesses in Massachusetts has called for a federal law requiring states to collect sales taxes from all online retailers.

  • alpinequeen

    Buying from Amazon is still a bargain.

  • alpinequeen

    Amazon is still a bargain.

  • chance68

    Reminds me of the threats of social security running out. But never hear a word on welfare running out.And we taxpayers pay into both. Money should be taken out of the welfare funds before any mention of S.s. running out. Massachusetts and it’s Obama liberal buddy governor is a (IMHO)a thief.